Cloud Nine Cotton Candy Cart Services Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and surrounding areas. We are you official cotton candy, churros and sno cone vendor in Dallas, San Antonio and Austin.

About Cloud 9 Cotton Candy + Churros + Snow Cones Cart Catering

Our Story

I launched our Gourmet Cotton Candy business in 2019. If you think back, that's when the world shut down. Not the best timing, but who knew! I launched this small business to help me pay my daughters university expenses. At the time, my daughter was in her Senior year at high school.

For most of her childhood I was a single mom and I wasn’t really able to really save for her college education. I knew I had to help her to help break the cycle in our family. She had to go to college, get a degree and experience life.

Instead of getting into more debt or asking her to get into debt with school loans, I decided to take a leap of faith and start this business. I am a first-gen Latina college grad that broke the cycle of education in my family. Breaking barriers wasn’t easy and knew I had to offer my daughter the same opportunity or better if I could. As a mompreneur I also wanted to teach my daughter that if you have grit, determination and let go of the fear of failure, you can succeed at anything. So basically, stress and anxiety of expensive school loans propelled me to start my business.

Fast forward several years later, (sigh of relief) and guys, Cloud 9 Cotton Candy Catering is thriving! We have now expanded our menu. We now also offer churros and sno-cone mobile cart service. We have backdrops, offer balloons and branding to make your event even more memorable. We offer branded cotton candy with your company logo or if you want to customize a package for your special event. My hope is that families get inspired by my story and start their own business. Support our small business today! Book us by completing the "get a quote" form on our page.